Save Time Laundry Folding – 10 Tips

1o Tips To Save Time Laundry Folding

Save time laundry folding can make your life easier

Save time laundry folding? Sounds great? Yes, this is great.

Laundry folding after the  washing of your clothes can be very time consuming, and subject to many discussions in your family. Who must do it and how long time does it take?

Laundry folding and ironing is relevant in most families and comes up after you have washed and dried your clothes.

Many of us see the laundry folding and ironing task as an easy side job, however, if you do not have a plan for this, the task will become bigger and bigger during the week, and will be there when you come to the weekend.

Laundry folding and ironing with an iron machine are close linked together. You can say laundry folding is the first step organizing the clothes after they have dried,  while the ironing is the last step before further distribution of your clothes to your cabinet or shelves.

An iron machine is needed for families with a lot of clothes to be washed and dried. With the ironing  afterwards before distribution and storing.

This blog post will guide you through the process of laundry folding and ironing in a way so you can save time and money.

How to save time with use of an iron machine

Here are some tips you can follow if you want to save time and money doing your laundry folding and ironing tasks:

1.First of all you do not need to do laundry folding after washing every day. Once a week ist enough for the most families.

2.Collect and sort your clothes during the week. Then you are mentally in the process, and it fits well as an integrated process with the washing and drying of your clothes.

3. Sort the clothes in different types of clothes before laundry folding and ironing. It is easier eg. to do ironing of multiple shirts than first the one kind of clothes and then the other. Sort in bucketd of shirts, trousers, pants, linens, dews etc.

4. Sort the clothes for ironing in different temperature ranges. This ensures that you can keep the same ironing temperature when you are doing the work. Then you do not need to switch temperature every time you grip a new piece if clothes to be ironed.

5. Accept not to finish all clothes at a time. This is really important. It is fully OK to push some of the items to the day after. As long as you have the procees sceduled, it is mentally nice to know that it doesn’t matter to iron this piece of clothes the day after.

6. Agree who in your family has the responsibility of doing the laundry folding and ironing. Is this the same person, or is it possible to share the task during the week?

7. Find out if some of your clothes can be ironed outside your home. Maybe some fine jackets or rocks can be ironed by a professionel outside your home ?

Some clothes or materiale are just too sensitive to iron at home. It costs a bit, but it is worth it.

8. Have a mindset accepting that laundry folding and ironing are serious tasks which both  needs time. The task is there whatever you like it or not.

9. Do your laundry folding and ironing, and at same time listen to music or watch a film on the side while you are standing up.  This can make you LOVE  landry folding and ironing.

10. Remember only to fill destilled water in your ironing machine (else it will generate too much calcium). In general  you should also keep your iron machine clean to avoid calcium disturbances.

Bonus information: you can do the ironing also if your clothes are not fully dry yet (or still a bit wet). Then you need less steam while doing the ironing.

Best iron machine for saving time laundry folding

Before you buy your new iron machine, here are some usefull  tips that you should take into consideration:

  • Weight of the ironing machine is important to feel by our self.  A very heavy model will quickly make you tied. Remember, that when filled with (destilled) water, it is even more heavy.
  • Steam outbound is importent so you can secure right humidity as the result of the laundy folding and ironing to a high degree depends on this. Some models have constant steam, others have steam shots by pushing a push button.
  • Temperature regulation must be possible. Needed for different types of clothes.
  • Swith off automaticly function is very nice, and a really good security. Imagine you forget to switch off (for several reasons) when you are finished or doing a break. Then it is important that it switches off after some time.
  • Length of the cable is also important for your working flexibility. Some iron machines are even cable free.
  • The size of the water (destilled) reservoir is also important. They differ a bit, so secure you have the right size of the water reservoir.
  • Normally there is a good price and quality corellation. However, the models in the mid segment are often the best pick 
  • You can take an overview of producs and prices here

3 August 2019, by Jasper Wilhelm.

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