How To Wash Clothes With A Washing Machine

13 tips for best use of a washing machine in your home

Best washing machine.

By Jasper Wilhelm, 1July2019

Best use of your washing machine. In our home, the washing of clothes takes a lot of time and attention. Washing of clothes is relevant for all of us and in all families. In fact we are all in different ways involved in the washing of clothes during the week. The need differs quite a lot depending which situation you are in.

When children are small, the needs for washing of clothes are for many families overwhelming, stressing and very often leading to discussions.

In families with bigger children, the need for washing of clothes is also high, especially if they are doing sports often. In our family, washing of sports clothes has been a huge task for many years.

By following some simple tips, you can have a great plan for washing of your clothes in your family, thereby saving time and without getting stressed.

1. Organise daily processes

It is very important to have a systematic process, whatever you like it or not. Most of us do not like it as it is very time consuming and boring.

However, this makes it even more important to have the washing of clothes integrated in your daily processes.

2. Sort by materials

During the week you can do a kind of sorting depending of the material of your clothes (silk, wool, polyester etc).

3. Sort by colors

Same as for materials, it is very practical to sort by colors, as you must separate your washes in materials and by color.

4. Sort by type of clothes

It is also very practical to sort by type of your clothes. I.e. it is easy to wash more shirts in same wash, more trousers in same wash and also undewear in a separate wash.

5. Frequency of washing

Next big issue is to plan how often to wash. In our home we wash pretty much every day. There is always something that can be washed. However, we follow the above sorting practices, and this makes it very easy for us to wash day by day.

6. Time to wash

Make a plan for when you are washing.  Many washing machines can be programmed for when to run (but not all).

For many families it makes sense to program the washing machine to run during the night. Then you are home when it operates, and can empty the washing machine right after, eventually in the morning before your working day starts.

For others, it is part of the tasks in the day or evening .

7. Connection with a dryer

When clothes have been washed, they must be dried. If you have a dryer, it is important, that the washing machine and the dryer are close to each other. It can above- and under each other, or side by side. By doing this you have an integrated process. And if you do not want to do this manually and spend a lot of time here hanging up your clothes (indoor or outdoor), then this solution is optimal.

If you want to know more about using a dryer, you can read about this in  my other blogpost here.

8. Right soap with best washing machine

There are so many kind of soaps on the market today, some better than others. Some are with- or without parfumes, and some are more or less allergy friendly. Choose what fits you the best, and be critical.

9. Keep your washer clean

Not only your clothes must be washed and clean. The washing machine itself must also be clean. Else you will get the feeling that your clothes are not clean, and at a time you will need more maintenance of your washing machine.

Also remember not to close the soap drawer in the washing machine when it is not in use – this is important to avoid mold.

10. Manage centrifugation

When clothes are washed in the washing machine, and before the program ends, it is normal to run the centrifugation program. This takes the wet water out of your clothes and makes it easier to dry afterwards.

11. Collecting clothes

It is very practical to collect your clothes in a basket. We have one in the washing room as well as in the bath room on the first floor.

12. Reducing stress with best washing machine

Remember, that having a plan to follow when washing your clothes – and eventually split the tasks in your family so you do not need to do all work by your self – might reduce your stress significantly.

In our family we have split the washing task, so the one fills (and empties) the baskets and puts the clothes in the washing machine. While the other empties the washing machine and sorts the clothes afterwards. Because this is two different processes.

13. Best washing machine – usefull tips before you buy

When you want to buy a washing machine, and want to save time and money before you buy, below usefull tips are helpfull:

  • In general, there is a corellation between price and quality – however, some of the machines in the middle segent can be problematic and require maintenance even if they are not so old
  • The are big difference in the energy consumption of the washing machines
  •  Some washing machines make a lot of noice – this is important if the washing machine is not placed in a separate room
  • You can get washing machines in different sizes depending of your situation
  • The cleaning performance in fact also differs a lot. This sounds unlogical, but not all machines are cleaning well
  • Another important parameter is how much you need to fill the machine – is it possible to wash only half full ? Not always
  • The running costs of the washing machine is important. The sum of the price, quality (and need for maintenance), energy consumption and needed soap types are key here
  • The porthole also differs a lot. I prefer a big porthole, then I have better overview
  • The displays are also very different. Some have no display at all, while others have big and complicated displays – decide what you need
  • The speed of running is also a factor
  • Time time programming is a big advantage and possible in many modern washing machines


By Jasper Wilhelm, 1July2019

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