Stress Prevention in Households with Electronics – 7 Powerfull Timeslots

Stress Management in Your Household – How To Manage Stress in Your Daily Household By Working With 7 Powerfull Timeslots.


Stress in household. This blog post is most about stress in your daily household. In regards to all the practical tasks you have to do to have a nice day.

We all know it. Thinking about how to have the best” rest of day”, when our  work for the day is over.

But how about cleaning, sports, family, cooking or personal time ? We all want to do our really best, but it can be very hard and stressfull to achieve all of it, and also mentally frustrating. Personally I have tried it, also as my kids grew up and became more and more indepent of us parents. Here it is even more important to manage your time, as the risk of spending your free time on just more work is very high.

Working systematicly with timeslots is the answer.  Timeslots can help you manage your day after work and to a higher degree feel confident, relaxed and not stressed.

So, by implementing these 7 timeslots in a systematic way, you can manage your household with less stress and have a better living:

1. Plan for cleaning

Cleaning and vacuuming in your household. This is really key to have a plan in place for, and there are a lot of things you can do here regarding vacuuming. I guided this in one of my previous blog posts about “Robot vacuuming or Traditional vacuuming”, you can read more here.

2. Sport and exercises

Sport and exercises. This is very important to prioritise for your stress prevention. Being fit is a very effektive tool preventing stress. You concentrate 100% on something else than work, performance, family, kids etc. It’s about you personally, and no one else. Sport and exercises give you the power to resist stress in a fantasttic way. And as a bonus you also get  physically healtier, also if you have a job where you sit down most of the day. For me personally it works the best way by doing this as the first thing after work. Just after your working day ends and just before you are pushed with family responsibilities and tasks .

3. Cooking

Cooking is probably the most time consuming activity for most families. Healthy and right food concerns all of us. As the third imortant timeslot you should have a detailed plan for this. This activity comes every day
and you need to have this in place. Find some good recipies and do your shopping in due time. Then you can do this timeslot with absolute no stress.

4. Family

Family time is important. Being present and relaxed with your family and kids is probably the most important thing to spend your time on. Playing with the smaller kids or talking with your teenagers and partner. This is what life is real about. This makes you mental rich and more confident and relaxed. Your stress will be pushed in the background.

5. Computer work

Computer work is very time consuming . When first switched on, it can be hard to switch off again, and if not, it is often swithed on until you go to bed. In this case you are online all the time and you are not relaxing at any time. So limit this to a very fixed timeslot. Respond and write your most important stuff as the first. Skip chats and prioritise only the needed internet browsing.

6. TV time

TV time is nice and what most of us are looking forward to as the end of the day. In fact streaming has to a large part taken over, after the News. A good film is mentally healthy and makes you relax. Again, when you are aware of TV time as a timeslot, it is easier to stop when the film is over.

7. Sleep

Planning for sleep is the last timeslot of the day you should plan for. The working day and your timeslots are over. At this time of the day you should not be influenced by (social-) medias, sms or mails. Do some reading or maybe a little music before you go to bed. For me a mental planning of the next day, eventually writing the most important agenda down in my electronic notebook, makes me more relaxed and get the deep sleep.

Having a good plan for these 7 timeslots will for sure give you less stress in your household.

And very important, in this process a lot of modern electronic household equipment and devices can help you save time and feel less stressed and have more living. I will write more on this in coming blog posts.

You can write time slots down in your calendar, or have them in mind if you can. Which method doesn’t matter. Key is that you can manage them every day. You can also swap some the timeslots, but key is that you know the importance of this systematic thinking for making your daily life and routines easier.

After a working day having all these household tasks done in a systematic way, you sleep better, live better, are mental more in balance and have no time thinking about stress.

Try it out by your self. It works.

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