Efficient Dishwashing – 7 Tips For Children Families

7 Tips For Efficient Dishwashing In Children Families

April 6, 2019 by Jasper Wilhelm

Why dishwashing is a problem

Efficient dishwashing. We all know it. Dishwashing in most families with children is a big and time consuming task. Even if you have a dishwasher, the dishwashing task can be very stressing and needs to be planned and agreed with your husband or wife to avoid stress and discussions, and how it must be done. This theme relates to most couples and families with children. If you want a good plan for this task with no stress, you can read and follow these 7 time saving tips.

1 Most efficient dishwashing with a dishwasher

In the first few years when our children were small, we could not afford a dishwasher and we did it all by hand. Up to 4 times a day. Early in the morning, then when home again from jobs, again after the dinner and finally again late night. Very time consuming. So with 3 small kids we decided to buy our first dishwasher, and have almost only used this for dishwashing the last many years. So much time saved – however, also much to plan, for the work is still there, just to be done in another way.

2 Decide which cutlery and glas to be dishwashed

Dishwashing in families is, as said, one of the biggest household tasks and subject for discussions. If you are a family or couple with children the discussions are even longer. At the very beginning you need to agree on which items you want to dishwash:

  • all of them ?
  • the most used ?
  • the most dirty ?
  • dishwash your cutlery of gold, silver or wooden by hand  ?
  • how about the expensive wine glasses which can be damaged in your dishwasher ?

We all know these issues and have an opinion of it. Here in our home we care about the most expensive cutlery and glasses and dishwash them by hand, as we do not want them damaged or getting other “colours”. This task is the more manual part. It takes a bit more time, but it is worth that, as we want to protect our most expensive items.

That said, we hereafter put almost all kitchen cutleries in the dishwasher. Plates, forks, knives and spoons all come in the dishwasher. Even the bowl used for baking comes in.

3 Agree on your dishwashing ambition level

Calibrate and agree the ambition level. When you have decided on above which items you must dishwash, you have to agree on the level of dishwashing – do all items have to be 100% clean ?

No. Some will always have a little dirt and some will still be a bit wet on the top after having been cleaned in your dishwasher, and you have to dry by hand here. In children families there will always be some small rests of the meal hided somewhere in or beyond, and they will not always dissapear even after your dishwasher has run. So here you and your partner need to agree on the ambition level. In our family it has aways been OK if there were some small rest of meal from the childrens cutlery. However, if we had the time, we cleaned this by hand afterwards.

4 Agree on dishwashing responsibility

An important issue is of cause who does what, and when it must be done. Very often the task is done during the cooking or by preparing for the meals. And it always disturbs when you at the same time have to take care of your children, secure they get the right food, and not are getting dirty and waste the food on the floor.

So, a clear agreement here is strongly recommended.

5 Efficient Dishwashing – when to start and empty your dishwasher

First of all, we normally start our dishwasher when it is full or almost full. And this means normally it runs once a day, and by us it is normally full. The time is normally in the evening after dinner, meaning it contains items from breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Sometimes we also start it for running during the night, and we can do this because our dishwasher generates almost no noice.

And the next step is then when to empty your dishwasher. This task is always an issue. In our family we normal do it in the morning before leaving home for work. And if you have bigger children, it is a really good thing to involve them here. In fact this a a good way and place to small talk and plan for the day.

6 How to fill your dishwasher

This is subject to many discussions and routines in the kitchen. If you are a family with children, this discussion can be even longer, as your things to wash are even more dirty than by normal use.

The most dishwashers have 3 layers:

  • upper layer for forks, knives and spoons (can also be as a net in the bottom layer)
  • middle layer for glasses and cups
  • bottom layer for plates and bowls

In many families it is a serious topic for discussion how to best fill the dishwasher. Also in our family we frequently discuss this matter. On the upper layer it is important to have a system, meaning so it is easier to empty systematic, and put direct in your kitchen drawer. And it is also important that the spoons, forks and knives are not placed too close and touch each other, as they will then not be clean and can interact metallic.

In the middle layer you normally have the glasses and cups. Also here it is important that they do not touch during the dishwashing. Wine glasses are often a problem as they are too high. By us we then also use the bottom layer for glasses. In children families, like us, we also put the youghurt bowls in the middle layer.

In the bottom layer we have the plates and other big items. The big plates in the one side, and the small plates in the other. And again here, it is easier, when you empty your dishwasher for plates, that they are a kind of organised. I our family we also have a a dog, who always wants to taste the rests (if any) on the plates before running the dishwasher. Best advice here is to put the dog an another room while filling your dishwasher – dogs loves this but it it not so nice to see this ektra cleaning by the dog.

7 Make dishwashing it a bit more fun

A good way to be in good shape with dishwashing is to make it a little bit more fun. If you are a family with children it is so nice to involve them. No matter the age. Small children love to help you, and for teenage children the dishwashing task together with the parents is the chance to discuss, plan for the day and have quality discusssions.

And, in our home, we have a TV in the kitchen. We have always said that this should never be the case, but in fact it is. And we really love it. We spend much time in the kitchen, so many of the News channels we see here. Also looking sports during the dishwashing or cooking is so nice. Finally it is a good meeting point when teenage children walk in and out of your house.

Efficient Dishwashing – Summary

If you have followed these 7 tips, you for sure might feel having a plan,  minimizing your stress and thereby save time you can use with your children. Investment in a dishwasher is strongly recommended if you have children. The time you save is so much worth.

Agreements on the ambition level of which items to be dishwashed, and agreements on who does what and when, are key elements for your family.

The more practical tasks on how much to fill up and when to start, stop and emptying are all handable issues if you have a systematic plan to follow each day.

Finally, making the daily dishwashing tasks a bit more fun can bring so much quality in your family, as this can be the place to meet.

Of cause the setup will be very different for each family, but thinking this way will bring a lot of value in your family.



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