Dryer – How To Dry Clothes With A Dryer

Having A Dryer In Your Home Saves You A Lot Of Time And Makes Your Life Easier

Dryer. By Jasper Wilhelm, 1June2019

Dryer. Drying clothes is relevant for the major part of us. We all have to dry our clothes in a way after they have been washed. We all know this can be very time consuming and also a bit boring. Handling all these clothes and hanging them up on the lines takes so much time. And it must be done after each wash of your clothes.

In many families the drying of the clothes after each wash is a big and time consuming task. In families with children it is even more problematic, as there are so many clothes, some with a lot of dirt and some must be used the day after. But who has to do the task ?  When must it be done ?  Where to hang out the clothes ? And what if the weather is not so good ? No matter what, it simply just has to be done day after day. And it is important that it is not going to be a problem in your family.

A dryer can help you in many ways and save you a lot of time.

Modern Living

If you are a MODERN family with LIMITED time for these tasks, you really need a plan for how and when to dry your clothes after washing. And you can make you life so much easier with a dryer. You can save so much time and energy by installing a dryer in you home, optimally close to your washing machine. Instead of wasting your time to get all your clothes hang up on the lines – inside or outside your home – it is so much easier just to put your clothes from the one machine to the other machine. From your washing machine direct into the dryer. Sounds easy ? Yes, it is very easy.

It is normal to wash clothes more times a week. In our home we very often do it once a day. Meaning each time we have washed, there is a need to get the clothes dried. Normally it is good to organise the washing in categories by color or by temparature or by material. This also makes it easier to dry afterwards as you can then set the dryer to operate within these categories.

And it is also easier to organise when you empty the dryer again – as there is a next step to get your clothes ready for your shelfs or cabinet. And here some of the clothes are ready to be stored just after your drying, however, on others you must do the ironing, which also takes a lot of time.

So the drying process of your clothes has many steps, and then needs to be planned.

Make Agreements

It is important to recognise – and agree – that all steps not nessesary need to be done by the same person in the family – mom or dad. In our home we have split up the tasks. Not formally, but how it fits with our busy daily tasks. By us one is doing the first 2 steps – washing systematic and sorted in color, temperture and material, and then also drying the same afterwards. The other is doing the next 2 steps – organizing for storing on shelf/cabinet and doing the ironing. That works fine for us as a family and we never talk about it – we just do it.

Advantages By Using A Dryer

There are many different advantages and features by the newer models and brands of dryers, here are some typical ways how a dryer can help you:

  • You are fully independent of the weather outside
  • You get more soft drying of your clothes than direct drying in the sun or in the wind. Here the clothes often get a bit hard
  • It is easy to move you clothes to dry direct in your dryer from your washing machine
  • Very time flexible and time saving as you do not need to hang up your clothes on the lines
  • Dries for you when you want
  • Programming is easy – here you can adjust the time, temperatures and type of your clothes
  • Remember not to put too big portions in your dryer – then it takes more time, uses more energy and all your clothes will not be fully dry. And you will then have to hang them up manually
  • By choosing a condensing dryer you do not need outbound ventilation – this is in fact a huge advantage
  • Normal the dryer is placed at same place as you washing machine – above or beside – which makes it very easy to handle in almost the same process
  • Be carefull with some clothes – not all clothes can resist high temperatures – so remember to adjust on the temperature button
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