Best Refrigerator Buy – 10 Tips

Best Refrigerator – 10 Tips How To Decide Best Refrigerator Buy. Get Tips On Which Refrigerator Fits Best In Your Home.

In most families you need a refrigerator to secure right temperatures of your food and beverages. This is of cause the key of having a refrigerator. But the purpose is to a large part also the storage of your food and beverages, and the planning of your shopping.

The refrigerator is an integrated part of our daily living and household, and it can be stressing, with planning of meals and dinners with right quantities, temperatures and expiry dates.

But which model should you choose ?

There are so many models of refrigerators on the market.

For many of us the style, space and budget is key, when time is to decide for a new refrigerator.

You also have to consider if you need a refrigerator as a freestanding model, a side by side model, a “build in” model or a combined model with a “built in” freezer. Or maybe a refrigerator the “American” style.

In this blog post you will get 10 tips to help you decide which refrigerator is the best buy for your home.

Thereby you can save time and money.

1. Your family situation

Your family situation to a high degree influences on which model model you should go for. If you are a big family with parents and children, you for sure need a need a bigger model than if you are a smaller family or single.

Fortunately there are many options here to fit exactly what you need.

2. Your home

Like your family situation, your home also influences on which refrigerator model you should choose. If you have a big home or house, there are many models and possibilities here, if space is not an issue. However, if you have a smaller home, you can also find a lot of models with more flexible dimensions.

3. Your life style

Your life style also influences on which model is relevant for you.  If you have many get togethers, celebrations or parties in your home,  you need a bigger model than if you you are a more traditional family.

And if you have teenage children, the requirements can be even more challenging. Teenage children simply eat and drink more. Also when they invite their friends at home. This requires even more space in your refrigerator-however, this is also an important part of the family life.

4. Your need for a freezer

A very big issue is always if you should have a freezer build in your refrigerator. And if yes, should it be in the top or at the bottom ? Both make good sence depending on your need.

And what about the size of the freezer if you have one as build in here ?  Of cause it takes space from your refrigerator, so you have to decide what is most important.

Normally a combination is a good solution for many.

5. Size

You can get refrigerators in many different sizes. High or low. Small or bright.

Depending of the nature of your home,  you can choose the different sizes of your new refrigerator and what fits best in. Many refrigerators have standard sizes, but there are also many size variations.

Notice that in some kitchen constructions there can be special requirements to the size and space besides of your refrigerator.

6. Ice and cold water

Some models have build in taps for cold water. Very nice, but it makes the price of your refrigerator much higher than needed. So decide if this is really needed.

7. Capacity

One of the most important factors is of cause the capacity of the refrigerator.

How much space do you need inside your refrigerator ?

Normally approx 300 litres for a family of 4. Hereafter approx 50 litres for each additional peson.

Notice, that if you only do your shopping once a week, you might need more space,  recommended is approx 100 litres more on top.

8. Energy

Energy consumption is also one of the most important factors to take into consideration.

Bigger models use more energy than smaller models, and are hence more expensive in operation. So decide how big you really need your refrigerator.

The energy consumption varies a lot. From very energy saving models to very energy consuming models.

More energy costs more money to operate, and have higher CO2 emissions.

Look at the energy tables before you buy.

9. Flexibility

Like in a room you have to decide how you can use your space inside your refrigerator  the best way.

Investigate if you can move the shelfs or secure they are flexible.

Secure your new refrigerator also has shelfs for bottles.  Then you can better organise and have a better overview.

10.Extra functions

If you want some extra really nice functions on top of what is needed, you should look at these:

Quick cooling. A very nice extra feature. Gives you the possibility to cool down your food quickly to same temperature as the other food in your refrigerator. Your food will then last longer.

Door alarm. A really good extra feature if you have kids or older people in your home, who can forget to close the refrigerator door.

Humidity measurer and regulator in your vegetable shelf. A super feature if you want to have your vegetables fresh for a longer time than normal.

Air cleaning filter. This very useful extra feature helps you regulate the smell in your refrigerator. Eg. it can eliminate or neutralise the smell of strong cheese or other food with strong taste or smell.

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