How To Wash Bed Sheets And Linens – 7 Tips

How To Wash Bed Sheets And Linens- Get Tips To Save Time And Money

Wash Bed Sheets And Linens

Wash Bed Sheets. Washing bed sheets concerns all of us in the household. No matter if you live in a house or in an appartment. Most of us have, and sleep in, a bed with bed sheets and a pillow. A clean set of bed sheets affects your sleeping well feeling. And also your health if you have not clean bed sheets.

In our home the handling and washing of bed sheets is a constant process during the week or the month. At all times, we are in the process of shifting, cleaning or drying our bed sheets.

Clean- and cleaning of bed sheets – is therefore a very important part of your daily or weekly cleaning plan. And in some homes also an integrated part of your clothes washing.

In this blog post you will get 7 tips on how to handle the washing of your bed sheets. Thereby saving time and money.

1.Decide how often to wash your bed sheets

The frequency is really important to take into consideration. And this differs a LOT from family to family. And, like by us, it depends on how busy you are.

In busy times an interval of 2 weeks can appear in our family, or we simply have forgotten it. But this is simple not often enough.

There are many reasons for not having washed your bed sheets:

-Simply forgotten it

-No time for it

-Not sure on needed frequency

-Does not seem dirty

-Who does what in the family

However, in our family, as we know it is very important to have clean bed sheets, we aim to wash our sheets, blankets and pillows once a week. Not always possible, but we aim for this in our family, as we are all feeling well with clean bed sheets.

2. Decide how many sets of bed sheets you need

In reality you only need one set of bed sheets. However, only if you have time to wash and shift the bed sheets the same day. Else it can be stressing because you need another set when you are washing them and cannot get finished.

Therefore you can have more flexibility by having at least two sets of bed sheets. Then you can wash whenever you want, and have a back up set all the time.

In our home we have more than two sets. A lot more in fact. Not because we need more, but some are gifts, and others bought as good offers.

And we like the different colours, smell and qualities.

3.Decide when to wash

In our home we most often wash the bed sheets separately. Meaning we are not mixing it up with other clothes.

As it can be a time consuming task to shift the bed sheets, you have to find the right time of the day or week.

We normally do this in the weekend, as we have more time here. We can start in the morning and finalise in the evening.

4.Decide which soap to use

Using the right soap is vital for your washing quality and result.

Some soaps are made as powder, others as fluid.

Some are with parfums for the good smell, but this is not always allergy friendly.

There can be many reasons to choose the different soaps , so decide what is best for you.

5.Decide if you need to do folding and ironing

As bed sheets are normally pretty large, it can be a huge task to do the normal folding and ironing on the ironing board.

In our home we normally always do the ironing. Traditional on the ironing board. Not because it is necessarily needed, but it is a very nice feeling to sleep in fresh ironed bed sheets. Fantastic feeling and smell.

Fold it layer by layer then it is easier to iron.

That said, it takes time ironing the bed sheets. Because of the size, you need to fold the bed sheets several times and iron on both sides.

However, it is also fully allowed not to iron your bed sheets at all. It is in your private sleeping room, and thereby not no visible for others than your self. But no doubt, it feels better when bed sheets are correct folded and ironed.

6.Where to hang up and dry your bed sheets

Hanging up bed sheets to dry can also be challenging. First of all because of the size of the bed sheets. If you have a garden or a separate room in your home it is optimal. But you can also dry them in a dryer.

In our home we do both.

7.Washing your bed sheets in the washing machine

When washing bed sheets using your washing machine you should take below tips into consideration:


Secure you wash with the right temperature. This differs by the material of your bed sheets. Remember there can be some recommented  minimum temperatures. We normally wash our bed sheets by use of the 60 degrees program.

How much fill

Secure you do not over fill your washing machine. By over filling you cannot wash effectively and your bed sheets will not be clean.


We normally use speed 1300 by centrifuging the bed sheets.

Prepare for drying

Normally we expect that bed sheets are ready for drying right after the washing. However, that is not always the case. The humidity of your bed sheets after wash you need to take into consideration.

The humidity affects how intensive you can dry after the washing. Higher humidity means longer drying time. However, there can be many reasons for a long drying time with high humidity for different qualities and types of bed sheets.

1October2019. By Jasper Wilhelm.

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Vacuuming In Your Home With Pets – 7 Tips

Vacuuming in homes with pets

Vacuuming pets.

2September 2019, by Jasper Wilhelm.

Vacuuming pets. Pets in our homes are getting more an more integrated in our daily life, and in many homes the pets are almost like a family member.

In fact more and more families are living with pets, and for many reasons.

In our family we have a dog, Teddy, which is first of all a fantastic “friend”, as our childen are so happy for this. We parents naturally also.

But pets (in this article dogs) can have many other functions and roles in your home.

In our home, my wife and me decided, that there should be a dog in the house when our children are back from school.

In other homes, dogs are used as a kind of fellow for many people. For others it can be a great help if you have a handicap. And for others again the dog might be your hunting partner etc.

So, no matter what is the reason for having pets (in this article dogs), it is most likely inside your home, and there will be a need for vacuuming.

In this post I will give you 7 Tips for vacuuming in homes with dogs.

1.Decide on frequency of vaccuming

By having a dog in your home, you for sure will experience, that more dog hair, dirt and dust will be visible around the corners in your home. And every time you move it (eg. by vacuuming), it will come again after a short time. Therefore, you have to decide on how often you have to – or are willing to – do the vacuuming. For some families it is enough to do it once weekly. For others, more times weekly is needed.

In our family, we have a beautiful dog running around, so we need to do the vacuuming in most rooms every second day, approximately.

2.Decide on ambition level for vacuuming pets

Once decided on the frequency of your vacuuming, you have to think about how much time you want to invest in this task – the ambition level you have here?  This for sure can be very different from family to family.

In our home we are pretty ambitious. We almost allways do it the hard way, meaning in all rooms, squares and corners.

The vacuuming in homes with dogs require additional attention, and if you do nothing, you will not feel well in your own home.

3.Decide if external help is needed for vacuuming pets

In many families with dogs and children, the vacuuming task can be stressing and overwhelming.

Stay calm, this is VERY normal. Not all of us have the time for doing this vacuuming task more times a week.

Therefore, for many families, it is a good solution to buy some external help for the vacuuming tasks. And if it is dedicated to this, it is not that expensive.

4.Pets are wellcome and part of the family

Pets are getting more and more convenient in many families. In our family, the dog we have, is already the second dog (Teddy, a Labradoodle) after many years with the first dog (Meggie, a Border Collie).

Humans and dogs can be very connected emotionally, and for many reasons. In many families the dog is an extra family member.

In that sense we also accept that the dog leaves hair, dust and dirt inside our home. Meaning we also accept that there is an extra vacuuming task when we also want to have a clean home.

5.Vacuuming pets fur

It is very important, that when you make your plan for vacuuming in your home, you also take the maintenance of the dog’s fur into consideration. That is in fact a big task in our home.

Unmaintained dog’s fur will initiate more hair, dirt and dust in your home. Meaning more work for you when doing your vacuuming tasks.

So have a plan for maintaining your dogs fur. We do this more times a week on our dog (bonus info: our dog loves it).

6.Decide in which rooms your pets must have access to

In our home we have decided where our dog is allowed to be present and be playing.

And that is not  in all rooms.

When we are not at home, the dog is allowed to be in the kitchen and the hall only. And when we are all home, the dog can also be in the living rooms. And in the night when we are watching TV, our pretty dog comes and lies just in front of the sofa.

However, our dog is not allowed to come in all rooms, as there are too many things which can be moved around, and hence also generate a lot of dust and dirt from the dog’s hair.

This way of giving access to dedicated rooms, depending of the time of the day, helps better to manage and limit from where the hair, dirt and dust can come.

And then also how much, and how often, we need to vacuum the different rooms, although we do it almost every second day.

7.Playing with the pets indoor

The playing with the pets per nature will generate a lot of dirt and dust.

Especially when children are running around with the pets, this can generate a lot of dirt and dust all over your home.

So limit this playing to dedicated rooms in your home.

A bit playing with the dog is allowed in the living room (not sofas or couches), and in the kitchen in our home. And no where else. A dog also need to know the house rules.

So, managing how and where to play with your pets is important for the vacuuming planning and the vacuuming intensity in your home. Effective planning of this will save a lot of time and money.


2September 2019, by Jasper Wilhelm.

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Save Time Laundry Folding – 10 Tips

1o Tips To Save Time Laundry Folding

Save time laundry folding

3 August 2019, by Jasper Wilhelm

Save time laundry folding can make your life easier

Save time laundry folding? Sounds great? Yes, this is great.

Laundry folding after the  washing of your clothes can be very time consuming, and subject to many discussions in your family. Who must do it and how long time does it take?

Laundry folding and ironing is relevant in most families and comes up after you have washed and dried your clothes.

Many of us see the laundry folding and ironing task as an easy side job, however, if you do not have a plan for this, the task will become bigger and bigger during the week, and will be there when you come to the weekend.

Laundry folding and ironing with an iron machine are close linked together. You can say laundry folding is the first step organizing the clothes after they have dried,  while the ironing is the last step before further distribution of your clothes to your cabinet or shelves.

An iron machine is needed for families with a lot of clothes to be washed and dried. With the ironing  afterwards before distribution and storing.

This blog post will guide you through the process of laundry folding and ironing in a way so you can save time and money.

How to save time with use of an iron machine

Here are some tips you can follow if you want to save time and money doing your laundry folding and ironing tasks:

1.First of all you do not need to do laundry folding after washing every day. Once a week ist enough for the most families.

2.Collect and sort your clothes during the week. Then you are mentally in the process, and it fits well as an integrated process with the washing and drying of your clothes.

3. Sort the clothes in different types of clothes before laundry folding and ironing. It is easier eg. to do ironing of multiple shirts than first the one kind of clothes and then the other. Sort in bucketd of shirts, trousers, pants, linens, dews etc.

4. Sort the clothes for ironing in different temperature ranges. This ensures that you can keep the same ironing temperature when you are doing the work. Then you do not need to switch temperature every time you grip a new piece if clothes to be ironed.

5. Accept not to finish all clothes at a time. This is really important. It is fully OK to push some of the items to the day after. As long as you have the procees sceduled, it is mentally nice to know that it doesn’t matter to iron this piece of clothes the day after.

6. Agree who in your family has the responsibility of doing the laundry folding and ironing. Is this the same person, or is it possible to share the task during the week?

7. Find out if some of your clothes can be ironed outside your home. Maybe some fine jackets or rocks can be ironed by a professionel outside your home ?

Some clothes or materiale are just too sensitive to iron at home. It costs a bit, but it is worth it.

8. Have a mindset accepting that laundry folding and ironing are serious tasks which both  needs time. The task is there whatever you like it or not.

9. Do your laundry folding and ironing, and at same time listen to music or watch a film on the side while you are standing up.  This can make you LOVE  landry folding and ironing.

10. Remember only to fill destilled water in your ironing machine (else it will generate too much calcium). In general  you should also keep your iron machine clean to avoid calcium disturbances.

Bonus information: you can do the ironing also if your clothes are not fully dry yet (or still a bit wet). Then you need less steam while doing the ironing.

Best iron machine for saving time laundry folding

Before you buy your new iron machine, here are some usefull  tips that you should take into consideration:

  • Weight of the ironing machine is important to feel by our self.  A very heavy model will quickly make you tied. Remember, that when filled with (destilled) water, it is even more heavy.
  • Steam outbound is importent so you can secure right humidity as the result of the laundy folding and ironing to a high degree depends on this. Some models have constant steam, others have steam shots by pushing a push button.
  • Temperature regulation must be possible. Needed for different types of clothes.
  • Swith off automaticly function is very nice, and a really good security. Imagine you forget to switch off (for several reasons) when you are finished or doing a break. Then it is important that it switches off after some time.
  • Length of the cable is also important for your working flexibility. Some iron machines are even cable free.
  • The size of the water (destilled) reservoir is also important. They differ a bit, so secure you have the right size of the water reservoir.
  • Normally there is a good price and quality corellation. However, the models in the mid segment are often the best.

3 August 2019, by Jasper Wilhelm.

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How To Wash Clothes With A Washing Machine

13 tips for best use of a washing machine in your home

Best washing machine.

By Jasper Wilhelm, 1July2019

Best use of your washing machine. In our home, the washing of clothes takes a lot of time and attention. Washing of clothes is relevant for all of us and in all families. In fact we are all in different ways involved in the washing of clothes during the week. The need differs quite a lot depending which situation you are in.

When children are small, the needs for washing of clothes are for many families overwhelming, stressing and very often leading to discussions.

In families with bigger children, the need for washing of clothes is also high, especially if they are doing sports often. In our family, washing of sports clothes has been a huge task for many years.

By following some simple tips, you can have a great plan for washing of your clothes in your family, thereby saving time and without getting stressed.

1. Organise daily processes

It is very important to have a systematic process, whatever you like it or not. Most of us do not like it as it is very time consuming and boring.

However, this makes it even more important to have the washing of clothes integrated in your daily processes.

2. Sort by materials

During the week you can do a kind of sorting depending of the material of your clothes (silk, wool, polyester etc).

3. Sort by colors

Same as for materials, it is very practical to sort by colors, as you must separate your washes in materials and by color.

4. Sort by type of clothes

It is also very practical to sort by type of your clothes. I.e. it is easy to wash more shirts in same wash, more trousers in same wash and also undewear in a separate wash.

5. Frequency of washing

Next big issue is to plan how often to wash. In our home we wash pretty much every day. There is always something that can be washed. However, we follow the above sorting practices, and this makes it very easy for us to wash day by day.

6. Time to wash

Make a plan for when you are washing.  Many washing machines can be programmed for when to run (but not all).

For many families it makes sense to program the washing machine to run during the night. Then you are home when it operates, and can empty the washing machine right after, eventually in the morning before your working day starts.

For others, it is part of the tasks in the day or evening .

7. Connection with a dryer

When clothes have been washed, they must be dried. If you have a dryer, it is important, that the washing machine and the dryer are close to each other. It can above- and under each other, or side by side. By doing this you have an integrated process. And if you do not want to do this manually and spend a lot of time here hanging up your clothes (indoor or outdoor), then this solution is optimal.

If you want to know more about using a dryer, you can read about this in  my other blogpost here.

8. Right soap with best washing machine

There are so many kind of soaps on the market today, some better than others. Some are with- or without parfumes, and some are more or less allergy friendly. Choose what fits you the best, and be critical.

9. Keep your washer clean

Not only your clothes must be washed and clean. The washing machine itself must also be clean. Else you will get the feeling that your clothes are not clean, and at a time you will need more maintenance of your washing machine.

Also remember not to close the soap drawer in the washing machine when it is not in use – this is important to avoid mold.

10. Manage centrifugation

When clothes are washed in the washing machine, and before the program ends, it is normal to run the centrifugation program. This takes the wet water out of your clothes and makes it easier to dry afterwards.

11. Collecting clothes

It is very practical to collect your clothes in a basket. We have one in the washing room as well as in the bath room on the first floor.

12. Reducing stress with best washing machine

Remember, that having a plan to follow when washing your clothes – and eventually split the tasks in your family so you do not need to do all work by your self – might reduce your stress significantly.

In our family we have split the washing task, so the one fills (and empties) the baskets and puts the clothes in the washing machine. While the other empties the washing machine and sorts the clothes afterwards. Because this is two different processes.

13. Best washing machine – usefull tips before you buy

When you want to buy a washing machine, and want to save time and money before you buy, below usefull tips are helpfull:

  • In general, there is a corellation between price and quality – however, some of the machines in the middle segent can be problematic and require maintenance even if they are not so old
  • The are big difference in the energy consumption of the washing machines
  •  Some washing machines make a lot of noice – this is important if the washing machine is not placed in a separate room
  • You can get washing machines in different sizes depending of your situation
  • The cleaning performance in fact also differs a lot. This sounds unlogical, but not all machines are cleaning well
  • Another important parameter is how much you need to fill the machine – is it possible to wash only half full ? Not always
  • The running costs of the washing machine is important. The sum of the price, quality (and need for maintenance), energy consumption and needed soap types are key here
  • The porthole also differs a lot. I prefer a big porthole, then I have better overview
  • The displays are also very different. Some have no display at all, while others have big and complicated displays – decide what you need
  • The speed of running is also a factor
  • Time time programming is a big advantage and possible in many modern washing machines


By Jasper Wilhelm, 1July2019

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Dryer – How To Dry Clothes With A Dryer

Having A Dryer In Your Home Saves You A Lot Of Time And Makes Your Life Easier

Dryer. By Jasper Wilhelm, 1June2019

Dryer. Drying clothes is relevant for the major part of us. We all have to dry our clothes in a way after they have been washed. We all know this can be very time consuming and also a bit boring. Handling all these clothes and hanging them up on the lines takes so much time. And it must be done after each wash of your clothes.

In many families the drying of the clothes after each wash is a big and time consuming task. In families with children it is even more problematic, as there are so many clothes, some with a lot of dirt and some must be used the day after. But who has to do the task ?  When must it be done ?  Where to hang out the clothes ? And what if the weather is not so good ? No matter what, it simply just has to be done day after day. And it is important that it is not going to be a problem in your family.

A dryer can help you in many ways and save you a lot of time.

Modern Living

If you are a MODERN family with LIMITED time for these tasks, you really need a plan for how and when to dry your clothes after washing. And you can make you life so much easier with a dryer. You can save so much time and energy by installing a dryer in you home, optimally close to your washing machine. Instead of wasting your time to get all your clothes hang up on the lines – inside or outside your home – it is so much easier just to put your clothes from the one machine to the other machine. From your washing machine direct into the dryer. Sounds easy ? Yes, it is very easy.

It is normal to wash clothes more times a week. In our home we very often do it once a day. Meaning each time we have washed, there is a need to get the clothes dried. Normally it is good to organise the washing in categories by color or by temparature or by material. This also makes it easier to dry afterwards as you can then set the dryer to operate within these categories.

And it is also easier to organise when you empty the dryer again – as there is a next step to get your clothes ready for your shelfs or cabinet. And here some of the clothes are ready to be stored just after your drying, however, on others you must do the ironing, which also takes a lot of time.

So the drying process of your clothes has many steps, and then needs to be planned.

Make Agreements

It is important to recognise – and agree – that all steps not nessesary need to be done by the same person in the family – mom or dad. In our home we have split up the tasks. Not formally, but how it fits with our busy daily tasks. By us one is doing the first 2 steps – washing systematic and sorted in color, temperture and material, and then also drying the same afterwards. The other is doing the next 2 steps – organizing for storing on shelf/cabinet and doing the ironing. That works fine for us as a family and we never talk about it – we just do it.

Advantages By Using A Dryer

There are many different advantages and features by the newer models and brands of dryers, here are some typical ways how a dryer can help you:

  • You are fully independent of the weather outside
  • You get more soft drying of your clothes than direct drying in the sun or in the wind. Here the clothes often get a bit hard
  • It is easy to move you clothes to dry direct in your dryer from your washing machine
  • Very time flexible and time saving as you do not need to hang up your clothes on the lines
  • Dries for you when you want
  • Programming is easy – here you can adjust the time, temperatures and type of your clothes
  • Remember not to put too big portions in your dryer – then it takes more time, uses more energy and all your clothes will not be fully dry. And you will then have to hang them up manually
  • By choosing a condensing dryer you do not need outbound ventilation – this is in fact a huge advantage
  • Normal the dryer is placed at same place as you washing machine – above or beside – which makes it very easy to handle in almost the same process
  • Be carefull with some clothes – not all clothes can resist high temperatures – so remember to adjust on the temperature button


Best Way to Cut Your Grass – Robot Lawn Mover

Robot Lawn Mover – Efficient Top Result and  Best Way to Save time

Robot lawn mover. How it can help you to a more easy way to cut your grass efficient and perfect. You get a fantastic result and at the same time saves you a lot of time. Many advantages.

We all know it. Spring has come and summer is short ahead, and thereby also the start of your garden season. It’s fantastic to open the doors and go around in the garden and enjoy flowers, trees, fruits and good garden furnitures. The garden is for many of us the really nice place to relax, let the children out to play, or let the dog or the cat out. And if the weather is good, also to get some sun on the terrace.

Enjoy your garden with a nice cutted lawn

For many of us gardening is the really summer season of the household. Maybe we spend a bit less time in the house to enjoy the garden. If the weather allows, we often move out the whole family and serve the dinner on the terrace or the grass. Or maybe we prepare for a summer party with friends or family.

Your lawn is important to fully enjoy your garden. A nice and green lawn simply improves your life quality in your garden. However, it is not so easy to get a beautifull lawn.

Lawn moving is for many of us a “hard to do” task. Some of us are relaxing doing it, while others really hate this task. But one thing is sure – the lawn must be moved approximately one time a week for not to grow too high and to look nice.

Lawn moving or cutting requires a plan. First of all it must be one. You have to secure that you really take the time to do it once a week. Second, you can not do it all the time, because there are often some neighbour rules and good practices in your neighborhood. Third, the weather also gives you restrictions.

A robot lawn mover can be the really help you need to secure the task is done, and in the way and at the time you want. There are so many features and advantages using a robot lawn mover, that once you have it, you will never go back to traditional lawn moving by hand.

Modern living with a robot lawn mover

If you are a BUSY family living a MODERN life, with limited time for traditional lawn moving by hand, you can make your life so much easier with a robot lawn mover, which can be a great help for you to save time by automating your lawn moving tasks. Time you can spend with your family and children or doing your interests and sports. Sounds great ? Yes, it is very great.

A robot lawn mover can work for you all the time you want, it costs a bit more than traditional lawn movers, but it is it all worth. You will gain so much more life quality by doing some easy programming, and then the robot lawn mover simply works for you. You can decide by your self which time of the day it must drive, how many times it repeats and define the exact area it has to drive. And yes, of cause also the height of the grass you can decide. You will  come home to a top maintained and nice cutted lawn, ready for you to enjoy your garden with your family, children or friends.

Advantages with a robot lawn mover

Function and quality of robot lawn movers are very different, but there are so many advantages compared to traditional by hand. Here are some of the most important advantages:

  • You will always have a beautiful and nice cutted lawn
  • It works for you exactly when you want
  • The robot lawn mover drives around on your lawn within the area you have defined
  • Once programming the route in the garden, it will follow this route every time you “give the order”
  • The robot lawn mover by itself finds out when to go to the “station” for charging
  • A robot lawn mover makes lower noice than traditional by hand
  • It is more clean in the operation
  • You do not have to collect the cutted grass
  • Remote control and possibility to operate by an APP with your smartphone gives you the possibility to manage from the distance, whatever it is in your house or summerhouse
  • The height of your grass you can change. Once programmed, every cut will then be exactly the same and with homogen height (but of cause you can also change this)
  • Models differ on the time it can operate between each charging
  • Models and prices differ a lot depending on the area of your lawn

May 1, 2019. By Jasper Wilhelm








Efficient Dishwashing – 7 Tips For Children Families

7 Tips For Efficient Dishwashing In Children Families

April 6, 2019 by Jasper Wilhelm

Why dishwashing is a problem

Efficient dishwashing. We all know it. Dishwashing in most families with children is a big and time consuming task. Even if you have a dishwasher, the dishwashing task can be very stressing and needs to be planned and agreed with your husband or wife to avoid stress and discussions, and how it must be done. This theme relates to most couples and families with children. If you want a good plan for this task with no stress, you can read and follow these 7 time saving tips.

1 Most efficient dishwashing with a dishwasher

In the first few years when our children were small, we could not afford a dishwasher and we did it all by hand. Up to 4 times a day. Early in the morning, then when home again from jobs, again after the dinner and finally again late night. Very time consuming. So with 3 small kids we decided to buy our first dishwasher, and have almost only used this for dishwashing the last many years. So much time saved – however, also much to plan, for the work is still there, just to be done in another way.

2 Decide which cutlery and glas to be dishwashed

Dishwashing in families is, as said, one of the biggest household tasks and subject for discussions. If you are a family or couple with children the discussions are even longer. At the very beginning you need to agree on which items you want to dishwash:

  • all of them ?
  • the most used ?
  • the most dirty ?
  • dishwash your cutlery of gold, silver or wooden by hand  ?
  • how about the expensive wine glasses which can be damaged in your dishwasher ?

We all know these issues and have an opinion of it. Here in our home we care about the most expensive cutlery and glasses and dishwash them by hand, as we do not want them damaged or getting other “colours”. This task is the more manual part. It takes a bit more time, but it is worth that, as we want to protect our most expensive items.

That said, we hereafter put almost all kitchen cutleries in the dishwasher. Plates, forks, knives and spoons all come in the dishwasher. Even the bowl used for baking comes in.

3 Agree on your dishwashing ambition level

Calibrate and agree the ambition level. When you have decided on above which items you must dishwash, you have to agree on the level of dishwashing – do all items have to be 100% clean ?

No. Some will always have a little dirt and some will still be a bit wet on the top after having been cleaned in your dishwasher, and you have to dry by hand here. In children families there will always be some small rests of the meal hided somewhere in or beyond, and they will not always dissapear even after your dishwasher has run. So here you and your partner need to agree on the ambition level. In our family it has aways been OK if there were some small rest of meal from the childrens cutlery. However, if we had the time, we cleaned this by hand afterwards.

4 Agree on dishwashing responsibility

An important issue is of cause who does what, and when it must be done. Very often the task is done during the cooking or by preparing for the meals. And it always disturbs when you at the same time have to take care of your children, secure they get the right food, and not are getting dirty and waste the food on the floor.

So, a clear agreement here is strongly recommended.

5 Efficient Dishwashing – when to start and empty your dishwasher

First of all, we normally start our dishwasher when it is full or almost full. And this means normally it runs once a day, and by us it is normally full. The time is normally in the evening after dinner, meaning it contains items from breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Sometimes we also start it for running during the night, and we can do this because our dishwasher generates almost no noice.

And the next step is then when to empty your dishwasher. This task is always an issue. In our family we normal do it in the morning before leaving home for work. And if you have bigger children, it is a really good thing to involve them here. In fact this a a good way and place to small talk and plan for the day.

6 How to fill your dishwasher

This is subject to many discussions and routines in the kitchen. If you are a family with children, this discussion can be even longer, as your things to wash are even more dirty than by normal use.

The most dishwashers have 3 layers:

  • upper layer for forks, knives and spoons (can also be as a net in the bottom layer)
  • middle layer for glasses and cups
  • bottom layer for plates and bowls

In many families it is a serious topic for discussion how to best fill the dishwasher. Also in our family we frequently discuss this matter. On the upper layer it is important to have a system, meaning so it is easier to empty systematic, and put direct in your kitchen drawer. And it is also important that the spoons, forks and knives are not placed too close and touch each other, as they will then not be clean and can interact metallic.

In the middle layer you normally have the glasses and cups. Also here it is important that they do not touch during the dishwashing. Wine glasses are often a problem as they are too high. By us we then also use the bottom layer for glasses. In children families, like us, we also put the youghurt bowls in the middle layer.

In the bottom layer we have the plates and other big items. The big plates in the one side, and the small plates in the other. And again here, it is easier, when you empty your dishwasher for plates, that they are a kind of organised. I our family we also have a a dog, who always wants to taste the rests (if any) on the plates before running the dishwasher. Best advice here is to put the dog an another room while filling your dishwasher – dogs loves this but it it not so nice to see this ektra cleaning by the dog.

7 Make dishwashing it a bit more fun

A good way to be in good shape with dishwashing is to make it a little bit more fun. If you are a family with children it is so nice to involve them. No matter the age. Small children love to help you, and for teenage children the dishwashing task together with the parents is the chance to discuss, plan for the day and have quality discusssions.

And, in our home, we have a TV in the kitchen. We have always said that this should never be the case, but in fact it is. And we really love it. We spend much time in the kitchen, so many of the News channels we see here. Also looking sports during the dishwashing or cooking is so nice. Finally it is a good meeting point when teenage children walk in and out of your house.

Efficient Dishwashing – Summary

If you have followed these 7 tips, you for sure might feel having a plan,  minimizing your stress and thereby save time you can use with your children. Investment in a dishwasher is strongly recommended if you have children. The time you save is so much worth.

Agreements on the ambition level of which items to be dishwashed, and agreements on who does what and when, are key elements for your family.

The more practical tasks on how much to fill up and when to start, stop and emptying are all handable issues if you have a systematic plan to follow each day.

Finally, making the daily dishwashing tasks a bit more fun can bring so much quality in your family, as this can be the place to meet.

Of cause the setup will be very different for each family, but thinking this way will bring a lot of value in your family.



Stress Prevention in Households with Electronics – 7 Powerfull Timeslots

Stress Management in Your Household – How To Manage Stress in Your Daily Household By Working With 7 Powerfull Timeslots.


Stress in household. This blog post is most about stress in your daily household. In regards to all the practical tasks you have to do to have a nice day.

We all know it. Thinking about how to have the best” rest of day”, when our  work for the day is over.

But how about cleaning, sports, family, cooking or personal time ? We all want to do our really best, but it can be very hard and stressfull to achieve all of it, and also mentally frustrating. Personally I have tried it, also as my kids grew up and became more and more indepent of us parents. Here it is even more important to manage your time, as the risk of spending your free time on just more work is very high.

Working systematicly with timeslots is the answer.  Timeslots can help you manage your day after work and to a higher degree feel confident, relaxed and not stressed.

So, by implementing these 7 timeslots in a systematic way, you can manage your household with less stress and have a better living:

1. Plan for cleaning

Cleaning and vacuuming in your household. This is really key to have a plan in place for, and there are a lot of things you can do here regarding vacuuming. I guided this in one of my previous blog posts about “Robot vacuuming or Traditional vacuuming”, you can read more here.

2. Sport and exercises

Sport and exercises. This is very important to prioritise for your stress prevention. Being fit is a very effektive tool preventing stress. You concentrate 100% on something else than work, performance, family, kids etc. It’s about you personally, and no one else. Sport and exercises give you the power to resist stress in a fantasttic way. And as a bonus you also get  physically healtier, also if you have a job where you sit down most of the day. For me personally it works the best way by doing this as the first thing after work. Just after your working day ends and just before you are pushed with family responsibilities and tasks .

3. Cooking

Cooking is probably the most time consuming activity for most families. Healthy and right food concerns all of us. As the third imortant timeslot you should have a detailed plan for this. This activity comes every day
and you need to have this in place. Find some good recipies and do your shopping in due time. Then you can do this timeslot with absolute no stress.

4. Family

Family time is important. Being present and relaxed with your family and kids is probably the most important thing to spend your time on. Playing with the smaller kids or talking with your teenagers and partner. This is what life is real about. This makes you mental rich and more confident and relaxed. Your stress will be pushed in the background.

5. Computer work

Computer work is very time consuming . When first switched on, it can be hard to switch off again, and if not, it is often swithed on until you go to bed. In this case you are online all the time and you are not relaxing at any time. So limit this to a very fixed timeslot. Respond and write your most important stuff as the first. Skip chats and prioritise only the needed internet browsing.

6. TV time

TV time is nice and what most of us are looking forward to as the end of the day. In fact streaming has to a large part taken over, after the News. A good film is mentally healthy and makes you relax. Again, when you are aware of TV time as a timeslot, it is easier to stop when the film is over.

7. Sleep

Planning for sleep is the last timeslot of the day you should plan for. The working day and your timeslots are over. At this time of the day you should not be influenced by (social-) medias, sms or mails. Do some reading or maybe a little music before you go to bed. For me a mental planning of the next day, eventually writing the most important agenda down in my electronic notebook, makes me more relaxed and get the deep sleep.

Having a good plan for these 7 timeslots will for sure give you less stress in your household.

And very important, in this process a lot of modern electronic household equipment and devices can help you save time and feel less stressed and have more living. I will write more on this in coming blog posts.

You can write time slots down in your calendar, or have them in mind if you can. Which method doesn’t matter. Key is that you can manage them every day. You can also swap some the timeslots, but key is that you know the importance of this systematic thinking for making your daily life and routines easier.

After a working day having all these household tasks done in a systematic way, you sleep better, live better, are mental more in balance and have no time thinking about stress.

Try it out by your self. It works.

Why Robot Vacuum is more Efficient than Traditional and gives you Better Time

Robot or Traditional Vacuuming – the most efficient method

Traditional vacuuming

Robot or Traditional Vacuuming – the most efficient method.

Best Way to Efficient Vacuuming.

This theme sounds really boring, right ? An how difficult can it be just to swing your manual vacuum cleaner once a week, and then have most of your weekly cleaning tasks done ? For many it is just a routine with no worries or concerns. However, it is ALWAYS an issue in a modern household. Because we all need to clean our homes frequently. Mostly for the feeling that our home is clean. But also because it needs to be clean for health reasons and it makes you feel well. And if you have allergy or pets in your home, the need is even higher.

So, in a modern family household with an active family living,  getting the traditional vacuum cleaning done once a week or more can be really stressfull. Because we all want to do our really best, have a nice and clean home, have more time for doing so many other things like taking care of the children, go shopping or doing our sports.

Do the plan

One of the first things is to agree on, is WHO in the household does the vacuum cleaning. Is it the wife/ mom in the house? Or the husband/man ? Or maybe the  grown up children for a small pay ? Key is the to have an agreement at all, so no one feels unfair. Best advice is to agree on it upfront in the whole housekeeping perspectice, so you help each other sharing all tasks. In fact it can be FUNNY when you can follow the progress, well knowing that all the other tasks are also being done. You can also look it in this way – what is the alternative ? Other household tasks. Once you have the plan, it will NEVER be a discussion point.

Why is it so important to have a plan in place?

Because vacuum cleaning is one of the most important cleaning activities in our households. Imagine you did not do the vacuum  cleaning  for weeks in your home ? How would you feel ? Not that well. And inviting friends or family in your home which has not been cleaned for a long time ? For sure not fun. Making a well defined plan for your vacuum cleaning is so important. But once you have agreed with your family on WHO would LIKE to do it,  and have the PLAN. you have in reality have made your first progress.

When should I do it?

This is a very common and fair question. Personally, it is important to have some fixed time slots vhere we do it in our family. Trying to define some “basic” time slots for cleaning where you do your vacuum cleaning. First timeslot could be in the weekend, after you have done your shopping. Reserve eg. one hour each weekend for this task getting done – and if you finalise using less time, you in reality have “gained” time, which is such a nice feeling.

You can also think about a more light version of your vacuum cleaning. That is also allowed. Arrange it eg. in one of the the days in the week just when you come home, and before your dinner. And again, reserve a “mental timeslot” doing this – and again, if you finalise before, you in reality have “gained” time , which you can use on your family and yourself.

Physiological issues

Another very important thing is your physiological situation. If you are strong and fit, you can do the traditional vacuuming very fast by yourself, and with no further thinking. But if you are older or maybe weaker or not so strong anymore, the manual vacuum cleaning is not that easy. And the planning and doing becomes much harder.  So your phsiological situation is of great importance for how you do the plan. And here, also do not forget if it is YOU that have the responsibility taking care of eg. parents or other family members or friends that needs help.

Help to choose Traditional or Robot Vacuum cleaning in YOUR household

Advantages with traditional vacuum cleaners

Today there are so many different models in the market, and you can always find one fitting exactly to your need.

One of the big differences is with or without cable. The old traditional vacuum cleaners with cable is still a good choice for the most of us. However, there are so many new models in the market which do not have cable, which makes the manual vacuum cleaning so much easier.

The dust reservoir instead of dust sack is also a new feature in the new generation of vacuum cleaners. In reality, you do not need a vacuum cleaner with dust sack, but just have to empty the dust reservoir this is very easy on the most models.

Disadvantages with traditional vacuum cleaners

As in the header, this work is still manual, meaning requiring your or another family members time.

And if you are the busy family mom or husband, this can be a stress factor if you do not have the PLAN.

And if you for some reason have physiological problems, the use af a manual vacuum cleaner might be difficult.

The placing the manual vacuum cleaner is often problemtic if you do not have the room for it. And they are not that nice to look at.

Advantages with robot vacuum cleaners

As written in my other article, there are a lot of features in the new models of robot vacuum cleaners. You can read more about them here

You can save a lot of time, which you can prioritise to your family, doing sports or do your shopping.

Once installed, the vacuum cleaner will work for you automatic or whenever you want. Remote control also helps you  a lot.

Your life will be so much easier.

Disadvantages with robot vacuum cleaners

Pricepoint still high before you reach the good models.

As you do programming on your robot vacuum cleaner, and thereby have fixed working aeas, this can limit some places of vacuuming.

Stairs and corners can of be a little tricky to handle.


Best Robot Vacuuming Cleaners – efficient and makes your life easier

Vacuuming with help of robots makes your daily cleaning easier

Robot vacuum cleaner. We all know it. The weekend has come. And now the weekly cleaning is on the to do list. Vacuuming is a mandatory part of it. And either you love it or you really hate it. But this weekly (and for many families more times a week) task is not that interesting because is a thing that just has to be done. Agreements must be made on who has the task. And how effective and hard it must be done. And if you have animals the need is even higher.

So, will you do a light vacuuming, or do you want to make it perfect in all corners? And thereby being sure all dust has been catched and removed? Because the classic vacuuming is very manual and by hand. Because you push or pull the vacuum cleaner around in your home, and it also occupies some space when it is not in use.

And if your home has more floors, it is not that easy to proceed the traditional vacuuming. Unless you carry your vacuum cleaner from the one floor to the other floor.

Modern living with a vacuum cleaner

If you are a BUSY FAMILY, and living the MODERN LIFE with limited time for cleaning and household, you can make your life easier by having a robot vacuum cleaner. And you can save a lot of time and energy by automating your home a bit. The robot vacuum cleaner costs a little more than the traditional vacuum cleaners. However, your gain of time and life quality is so much bigger.

But by choosing a robot vacuum cleaner you are fully independent of using your limited time, and it can work for you when you are not at home. Sounds great? Yes, it is very great. The time you save on the weekly vacuuming you can use on your kids and family, and thereby having more time to do your own interests and sports.

Imagine you can go doing sport more times a week, while the robot vacuum cleaner is working for you at home. And imagine you come home to a top clean home every day. Just by telling the robot vacuum cleaner what to do.

Advantages by using a robot for vacuuming – choose the best vacuum cleaner

Functionality and quality are very different on robot vacuum cleaners, but they can help you in different ways:

· Big floors with big squares are easy to clean for the robot vacuum cleaner.

· Corners can be handled effectively.

· Vacuuming under and between your furnitures is easy.

· Programming is in important part. You can program new destinations every day, or you can recap everything thereby cleaning the same way more times a week.

· On some vacuum cleaners you can do the programming via your smartphone.

· ”Parking” of the vacuum cleaner is easy, and needs very small Space. And you can hide it behind or under your furnitures so it is not visible.


If you want to read more on my other post you can navigate from here